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Michigan Technological University supplies a fleet of safe and properly maintained vehicles to be used to carry out the mission of the University. In an effort to reduce the frequency and severity of motor vehicle accidents and injuries, all persons traveling in a University vehicle are required to adhere to the University's policies and procedures regarding the use of University vehicles. The following information can be found in the glove compartment or center counsel of every Husky Motors vehicle and on-line at Every operator of a Husky Motors vehicle is responsible for understanding and adhering to ALL policies. Use of any or all University vehicles is a privilege that can be revoked.

Use Authorization
Requirements of Operator
Responsibilities of Operator
Picking Up Vehicles
Returning Vehicles
Road Repairs
Accident Reporting
Traffic Violations

Use Authorization


The assignment of University-owned vehicles is limited to full-time and part-time faculty and staff members or, when to the advantage of the University, to students or guests.

The use of any Michigan Tech vehicle is restricted to conduct official University business, and any use for personal business or pleasure is prohibited.

Occupancy for twelve or fifteen-passenger vans is limited to (10) occupants, including the driver, for any travel. It is the responsibility of the dean, department chair, director, or other administrative head to carefully review and approve the request for assignment of a University vehicle to students or guests so those drivers may be protected under the provisions of the University liability insurance.

Definition of Personal Use.

Any trip, or segment thereof, that is made for the purpose of participating in an activity or function that is not official University business, for which the expenses are not reimbursable by the University, or which is made to transport an unauthorized passenger constitutes personal use of a University vehicle.


Requirements of Operator


Any employee, student, or guest assigned to a University vehicle must be at least eighteen years of age and have a valid driver's license recognized by Michigan Law. All drivers are required to have no more than a total combination of five (5) current points in the Michigan (or any other) point system, with no single infraction totaling more than three (3) points. Before a vehicle will be released from Husky Motors, drivers must sign a statement indicating that they meet the above criteria.  By creating an account in FleetCommander, you give Husky Motors authorization to verify the MVR for your account.  Users must be verified to drive or rent a vehicle from Husky Motors.

In addition to the requirements for private passenger vehicles, all passenger van drivers must complete the "van training" program by following the instructions found at

Passengers in University vehicles are limited to employees, students, or guests of the University traveling on official University business. Authorized passengers who are properly licensed to drive in accordance with the provisions above are authorized to assist in the driving of a University vehicle. If the passengers will be assisting with the driving of a passenger van, they must complete the van training program as well.


Responsibilities of Operator


The operator of the vehicle has, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Operate vehicle in accordance with University regulations, traffic laws, and safe driving practices.
  • Ensure proper use of safety restraint for all occupants.
  • Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No alcohol, drugs, or other items illegal to possess may be transported or placed in any University vehicle.
  • No unauthorized passengers or persons may operate vehicle.
  • Operating a vehicle impaired (alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other mind-altering substance) is strictly prohibited in University vehicles. For all incidents being impaired in any way is established, Husky Motors will impose a minimum of an academic year's sanction, or a minimum of twelve months, from the date of the incident as a matter of policy.
  • Observe all city and state regulations and ordinances on traffic, parking, etc.
  • Secure vehicle when unattended.
  • Use for authorized business only.
  • Driver must pull off the road in a safe location when using cell phones unless utilizing hands free mode.
  • Drive defensively, anticipating situations where incidents are likely to occur.
  • Be courteous and set a good example for other drivers.
  • Adapt your speed to driving conditions.
  • Do not drive in traffic, road, or weather conditions beyond your training, experience, or ability.
  • Do not drive when you are tired. If you feel tired, stop and rest for a ten-minute break at least every two hours.
  • Plan trips by selecting the safest route, depart early enough to observe posted speed and traffic regulations, and be mindful of current and forecasted weather conditions.
  • Report all incidents and accidents involving damage to the vehicle to Husky Motors (Instructions for accident reporting are provided in the informational flip book issued by Husky Motors in each vehicle).


Failure to cancel your reservation within 48 hours of a scheduled pickup and/or a "no show" may result in a $69 fee.

Picking Up Vehicles

Keys can be picked up 24-hours a day from the automated FleetCommander system located inside the Husky Motors door of the Facilities Management building, (#44 on the campus map).

Returning Vehicles

Returning vehicles late without notifying the Husky Motors staff may result in revocation of motor pool privileges. Contact the Husky Motors office if risk of returning the vehicle on time is imminent.

The returned vehicle should be free of trash or excessive debris. The department (or organization) which reserved the vehicle shall be charged a $60/hour clean up fee if a vehicle's interior is judged to be excessively dirty.

Please make sure vehicle is locked and all lights are turned off. Return keys to the automated FleetCommander system located inside the Husky Motors door of the Facilities Management building (#44 on the campus map).

Road Repairs


Mechanical Failures and Emergency Repairs

Mechanical failures and emergency repairs for vehicles under warranty (those vehicles with less than 36,000 miles) should be reported by calling the toll-free number which is located either on the windshield or in the vehicle. Repairs for vehicles with more than 36,000 miles should be referred to the supervisor of Husky Motors by calling 906-487-2700 or 906-487-2216 (after hours) for instructions prior to having the vehicle repaired. Obtain the name, address, and telephone number of the nearest dealership (Ford, General Motors, Chrysler) prior to calling.

Tire and Battery Replacement

Tires and batteries shall be purchased through a reputable repair facility. When the purchase of a tire or battery is necessary, the driver shall call Husky Motors at 906-487-2700 or if after hours, Public Safety at 906-487-2216 for instruction on where to make the purchase and obtain contract information.  On the duplicate invoice or sales slip received at the time of purchase, the driver shall write the license number of the vehicle and the odometer reading at the time of installation and forward immediately to Husky Motors.

Towing and Service Calls

For road-side assistance, you can contact WEX Card Roadside Services at 1-866-329-3471. If paid out of pocket, the University will reimburse the drivers for towing and service calls when required for mechanical failures or accidents.  Towing and service calls required because of the driver’s negligence will not be reimbursed.


Accident Reporting

Remain at the scene. Do not move the vehicle unless it presents a safety hazard to others. If someone is hurt, call 911 promptly. Warn other motorists in any way possible.

Contact appropriate authorities. Promptly report to the nearest police officer any accidents involving injury or damage. If you cannot leave the vehicle, ask a passing motorist to call 911.

Gather accident information. Obtain the name and address of the driver and all passengers in the other vehicle(s). Obtain the license number of the other vehicle(s) as well as the license number of any other driver(s) involved. Be sure to obtain the name and the address of the other driver's insurance company.

You will need to complete a diagram of the accident at a later time, so attempt to form a written or mental picture of how the accident happened.

Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses.

Accident Reporting

The driver of any University-owned vehicle which is involved in an accident should immediately report the accident to the Husky Motors supervisor at 906-487-2700 or MTU Public Safety at 906-487-2216 (after hours). If any person(s) is/are injured in the accident, Risk Management must all be notified immediately at 906-487-2267.

The University furnishes accident report forms, and a form should always be available in the glove compartment of the motor pool vehicle. A completed report must be submitted covering each accident involving a University-owned vehicle regardless of whether another vehicle is involved. Sign the completed form and forward to Husky Motors so it can be distributed to the appropriate offices.


Automobile Insurance

Michigan Tech's insurance carrier is Michigan Universities Self-Insurance Corporation (MUSIC). The policy number is listed on the back of the certificate of insurance, which is located in the glove compartment of every Husky Motors vehicle.

General description

This automobile fleet policy provides protection for the University and the University-authorized driver for any liability resulting from accidents arising out of the use of the University-owned vehicle. the insurance company will pay all sums which the University or the driver shall become legally obligated to pay up to the policy limits.

What the policy does

While on official University business, the policy provides protection at all times without regard to hours.

The company will defend any suit against the University or the authorized driver and will pay all expenses in any such defending suit, subject to the limits stated in the policy.

What the policy does not do

It does not provide coverage for any physical damage to the vehicle, such as collision, extended coverage, or for fire and theft. The University must pay for such losses and may charge the department or driver accordingly.

It does not provide for the loss of personal property (luggage, clothing, equipment, etc.) by fire or theft.

It does not cover bodily injury occurring to a University employee in a University-owned vehicle, but protection would be afforded by Worker's Compensation Insurance.

It does not protect guest passengers, including spouses or relatives of the University-authorized driver, who ride at their own risk. If the driver is found guilty of gross negligence, the passengers may sue the driver.

It does not protect unauthorized drivers of University-owned vehicles who could be declared by the courts to be personally liable for any judgments resulting from accidents caused by use of the University-owned vehicle.

It does not protect individuals driving privately owned cars on official University business. Such individuals are personally liable for any judgments against them resulting from accidents arising out of the use of their personal-owned cars. Protection, if any, must be provided by their personal insurance policies.

The limits of the policy are extended to an individual as excess insurance while driving a personal automobile in the course of employment by the University, provided that such insurance is applicable only if the individual has primary automobile bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. The required minimum limits are: $20,000/each person and $40,000/each occurrence for bodily injury and $10,000/each occurrence for property damage.

Traffic Violations

University-owned vehicles are not to be driven in excess of the speed limits posted by the state and municipalities. Fines for violations are entirely the responsibility of the driver involved.

Drivers of University-owned vehicles should set a good example for the driving public. Careless driving and operation of the vehicle resulting in damage to the vehicle may require the driver to cover all repair costs.

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