Vehicle Use


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We offer a variety of vehicle rental options to all faculty, staff, and students for official University-related travel. Husky Motors rentals are covered by University insurance and WEX gas cards are provided in each vehicle—fuel charges incurred during a rental are added to your final rental bill.



Rental Rates


Daily Fee based on usage up to a 24-hour period. 


Vehicle Type

# of Passengers

Per Day




Mini Van



Van (12-15 passenger)*



Cargo Van






*Occupancy for 12- or 15-passenger vans is limited to ten occupants, including the driver.


ALL drivers must be approved by Husky Motors prior to departure. In addition, non-University students or employees must also be listed within your reservation request and pre-approved for EACH trip they will be attending.



SEAT BELT USE: All drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts when traveling in any University vehicle. This policy applies to anyone authorized to drive or ride in any University vehicle which is equipped with passenger restraints (seat belt assemblies of the lap or lap/shoulder design). In the event that children are authorized passengers, child safety restraint laws must be obeyed. Further, no vehicle shall be operated when the number of occupants exceeds the number of passenger restraints available.


It is the driver's responsibility to ensure all passengers wear their seat belts in University vehicles. Failure to comply with this policy may result in loss of rental privileges. Be SAFE! BUCKLE UP!



CITATIONS AND UNPAID TOLLS: The Primary Driver listed on a reservation will be held responsible for any citations or unpaid tolls sent to Husky Motors. In the event that the primary driver is no longer with the University when these charges are received by Husky Motors, the primary department/organization will charged the associated fees to recover.


NOTE: Per University policy, traffic citations cannot be paid with University funds.



SMOKING IN VEHICLES: Drivers and passengers are prohibited from smoking in University vehicles. Violations may be subject to disciplinary actions. All cleaning charges associated with smoking within vehicles will be added to final rental bills by Husky Motors.

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